August 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

For the past 6 months Pakistan situation is going from bad to worse on day to day basis but in these past 6 months few local based concert organizers have brought or have dates ready to bring some International artists(i.e Akcent,Imran Khan,RDB,Edward Maya and Raghav) to Pakistan whose shows so far have got pretty good response. In the past we saw Shehzad Roy bringing a living legend “Bryan Adams”.Now recently I saw a news that Prince of POP “Ali Zafar” is trying to bring legendry artist “Sting and Bono” in Pakistan for charity show for flood victims. Ali states : “But since I plan to have all these concerts only after Eid (this being the period of abstinence the Ramzan), I can take a break to come to Mumbai.”

We see Ali Zafar talking patriotic in his interviews but now he want to relocate himself to Mumbai and THATS CONFUSING Ali Zafar has applied for a special visa. “So I can move in and out of Pakistan and India freely. At the moment I am getting only multiple visas. Here, in Lahore, I am asked if I’ve encountered any hostility in India. But I’ve received only love everywhere in Mumbai.”

Any ways I wish Ali Zafar best of luck for CONCERT THINGY i hope more international artists come here to perform in Pakistan so their preception about Pakistan changes and the world sees the peaceful picture of Pakistan.


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