How to be confident…

August 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is very important for all of us to be confident because if you have low self-esteem or confidence it can lead to severe things as it makes the other person seem less important than others or you put no value in your self. Many people who are less confident or have low esteem are made like that by others behavior towards them, this can be because when they were growing up they were told constantly by certain people or even their own family they’re less important than others, which is highly pathetic.
There are number of ways to be more confident, in this blog I will be trying to pin point how to be more confident and have more self-esteem which is ONE of the most important factor in life to be more successful not just professionally but also in your personal life.

Love yourself
This is SO important that you love YOURSELF, 1st of all you need to understand YOU ARE WORTH every penny, don’t hate yourself. If you don’t like they way you look CHANGE IT. DON’T sit and cry about it or feel less inferior because you feel that you are fat or you don’t like your hair. Even if you have to go under a knife , DO IT if its going to make you feel better.

Be Positive
Be positive keep your main focus on your achievements and your talents, if you are good at something keep on doing it, don’t stop or don’t let anyone else stop you. Also keep your mind clear and don’t think about what you can’t do, think of WHAT YOU CAN DO. Try to forgot about your weaknesses.

Don’t be so hard on yourself
Try not to focus on things which might have let you down or what you might have done wrong in the past. Don’t hold onto guilt and regret over long periods because your not going to achieve anything.
Try to let it go of the negative feelings, rather than criticising yourself and being negative about yourself.

Don’t take others negativity
It is very important that you don’t take somebody’s negativity to heart because the only reason they have negative things to say to you is because you’re better than them or even somebody is passing a negative comment towards you don’t take it to heart or feel less confident just take it positively which will ONLY help YOU improve yourself and make a better person.

Don’t let anyone bully YOU because you are worth it.
Usually when bullies try to bully other people they used to get bullied themselves or they have mental issues so don’t let them bully you or even try to make you feel less inferior.

Learn to say no

Don’t let anyone boss you around or tell you what to do, learn to say no and explaining why you can’t do it.


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