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This is my second blog am writing it and there is a SPECIAL REASON behind this blog,when I was sharing my blog link a girl asked me on MSN that why you named your blog VIEWSCONFUSE and i was like i dont know it stuck to my mind suddenly and i named it Views Confuse and from that time I was like there should be something behind this name and after 48 hours I got to know that this name has a BIG story behind it and that is our Views are very much Confuse like we dont have our own views if someone’s father is in political group or support a political group their children will support that group aswell without knowing whats the fact why his father choosed to support that particular party to support in a particular time btw am talking about majority.Let me give you another example which is quite IN now days that is what ever a TV channel says people thing its TRUE but WHY TRUE??It might be wrong.These were 2 examples,few month ago my cousin gave me 5 dvd of one series called THE ARRIVAL it was about Arrival of Dajjal and how Shaitaan(Reffering:the one who want erase Islam from this world) control people Views and Mind and its biggest weapon was MEDIA..if you can « Read the rest of this entry »


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