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August 26, 2010 § 5 Comments

Let me familiarize you with some more confusing thoughts. You heard the phrase “patience is virtue”. How many times you waited for something, or something to happen but it never did ? Patience hardly ever worked for me. Therefore the phrase “patience is virtue” is a total bullshit. I tell you why. Every time I would think of getting something I would wait regardless whether I’m in the position to get it or not. If I am in no position of get it then that’s understandable. However, If I am indeed in the position to get it I would still wait thinking if it’s worth the money, or this might be a passing desire which probably will die down, or may be it would be better to get it a few days after « Read the rest of this entry »



January 8, 2010 § 7 Comments

hey hey hey..

dear folks i dont know what to write in blog cuz am experiencing this for very first time but would like to welcome to you all and will introduce what will you the first thing i want to tell that i m a normal Pakistani guy bit in music too bad in studies good in cricket and knows whats happenin all around the world..and you will b thinkin why you should read to my blogs cuz am a normal guy but dude NORMAL GUY views are the most imp views in the world cuz politician celebs do everythin for a Normal guy .. so i will tell my views day by day if not day by day then weekly or monthly m gonna update gonna get from Music to politics to sports everything a  normal pakistani guy go across.. i think its enough for now .. Thank You for readin all crap:P

wait for next post IF YOU WANT To:P

Regards Talha

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